Nice that you're here…

I am Zeynep

I am a mother of two wonderful children (MALIK & LIYA).
Our first miracle came into the world in 2018 and sweetened our lives. Very quickly we noticed the sweet feet, which after a short time we couldn't leave unprotected while crawling and running. For us, they absolutely needed something cozy and comfortable.
So began our search...

The socks didn't stay on her feet, it was still too early for shoes. For us, the material used should be very soft and of high quality, like a second skin.

The long search ended in the beautiful south of Turkey. Exactly the solution you were looking for, with high quality and made with a lot of love, so that little feet can crawl and walk safely.

After our second miracle was born in 2020, the game started all over again. Since we had the solution, we were able to quickly protect the little feet. So we decided to accompany children safely on their journey and so MAKU KiDS was born.

«We accompany you safely through your journey»